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Food Allergy Friends Ltd

Terms and Conditions of Business

All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions.  By placing an order with Food Allergy Friends Ltd you are signifying your acceptance thereof.


1.  Definitions

The following definitions are used throughout these Conditions:

Services means the training, consultancy services, audits, advice and guidance detailed in the Appendix to these Conditions.

Member means any person or business registered on FAF Ltd’s Membership Scheme and up to date with all fees.

Booking means any acknowledged request for Services received through the FAF Ltd website and for which payment in full has been received. 

Client means the person or business engaging the services of FAF Ltd.

Delegate means an individual attending training delivered by FAF Ltd.

This contract is made in England and is subject to English law.


2.  Bookings and Payment

Bookings must be made through the FAF Ltd website.  Telephone or email bookings will not be accepted, although clients may contact FAF Ltd to discuss their requirements.  A minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 6 months’ notice is required for all bookings.

For training courses, payment in full is required at the time of booking.

For consultancy services, a charge of £150 is payable to confirm the booking.  The remainder will be invoiced within 14 days of completion of the work.

Once payment is received, a booking confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on the booking form.  This constitutes formal acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and an undertaking by FAF Ltd to provide the services booked.  No booking has been made until confirmed in this way by FAF Ltd.

Fees for the Membership Scheme must be paid monthly in advance.  Invoices will be sent by email to the point of contact nominated at the time of joining the Scheme.  Where payment is more than 14 days overdue, membership of the Scheme will be rescinded until such time as all overdue fees are paid.

All invoices are due within 14 days of issue. Payment may be made via PayPal, BACS or WorldPay.  Late payments may incur a late payment fee which will not exceed 10% of the total invoice value.


Prices are as advertised on the FAF Ltd website and may vary from time to time.  Once a booking is made and confirmed by FAF Ltd, the price for that booking is fixed.  Travel and expenses may be added to the service price by agreement with the client.


3. Cancellations

All cancellations by the client for any reason, including compliance with any Government or emergency services instruction, or other event outside the control of the client, will incur an administration fee of £25 in addition to the sums due under this clause.

Client cancellation fees vary according to the period of notice given:

  • Within 7 days of the booking confirmation: full refund (less £25 admin fee). 

  • More than 28 days prior to the service provision date: 50% refund

  • Between 15 and 28 days prior to the service provision date: 25% refund. 

  • 14 days or fewer before the service provision date: no refund.

If FAF Ltd have reasonably incurred costs relating to travel, accommodation, printing, purchase of training materials or other necessary and non-refundable expenses specific to the cancelled services, these costs will also be payable by the client regardless of the period of notice given.

Cancellations by the client must be notified in writing to FAF Ltd, via

who will acknowledge the cancellation and confirm any refund due.  Refunds will be processed within 28 days of the cancellation being acknowledged.

FAF Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking for training courses where fewer than 4 delegates are attending.  If FAF Ltd cancels for this reason, the client will have the option to reschedule the event at a later date or receive a full refund, less any necessary costs already incurred as specified above.

If FAF Ltd is unable to provide the services booked by the client for any reason, the client will be notified at the first opportunity.  FAF Ltd will attempt, if practicable, to offer a rescheduled date or a full refund will be given. 


4.  Service Provision

Services will be provided entirely at the client’s premises or, by agreement, at a third party location deemed suitable by FAF Ltd for the services to be delivered.  The cost of such third party locations will be borne by the client, who is responsible for all administration related to the hire of the location.

For training courses the client is required to provide a suitably sized room for the number of delegates, fitted out with appropriate furniture, and with a projector and screen for the trainer’s use.  Refreshments, if required, are the responsibility of the client.

For training courses lasting more than one day, delivery will be on successive days.  FAF Ltd does not offer the option to split multi-day events.


FAF Ltd will provide all necessary training materials, including workbooks, presentations, certificates and exam papers (where applicable) to the client within the price for the training to be delivered.  Where agreed, FAF Ltd will also provide suitable IT to support the training.

Where a training course is intended to result in accreditation of a business or individual, FAF Ltd will arrange for all exams and assessments to be completed and marked within the service price.   If a delegate fails to pass an exam then they may resit, which will incur an additional fee from the client, consisting of the exam paper fee plus an admin charge.

For other services, FAF Ltd may require access to the client’s premises and employees.  The client shall facilitate such access at reasonable times and by agreement with FAF Ltd.  Where such access is required but not made available as agreed, FAF Ltd is under no obligation to provide the services ordered and full payment will still be due.

If delegates are late for a course or do not attend in full, no refund will be given for the unused/part used place.  Delegates who arrive late may not be permitted to complete the course if FAF Ltd judge that it is impractical for them to do so without inconveniencing other delegates or the trainer. 

Where the client requires FAF Ltd to show identification in order to gain access to the premises where services are to be delivered, the client is responsible for ensuring that FAF Ltd are aware of the requirements.  If this is not done, FAF Ltd may refuse to deliver the services and no refund will be given.


5.  Membership Scheme

The FAF Membership Scheme is open to any individual or business on payment of the monthly fee.  This includes a listing on the FAF Ltd website as an Allergy Friend, subject to the member reaching the required standard of allergen awareness and training specified by FAF Ltd.  This will be assessed via an annual audit, to be carried out on dates/times to be agreed between the member and FAF Ltd.  Where serious shortcomings are identified in this audit, FAF Ltd will support the member in drawing up a programme of improvement.  If the standard is not reached within the timescale specified in that programme, the member’s listing on the FAF Ltd website will be withdrawn until such time as the standard is reached.

Membership of the Scheme includes unlimited access to all materials and resources made available from time to time on the FAF Ltd website, in addition to the services specified in the Scheme details.

Members may withdraw from the Scheme at any time by giving a minimum of 14 days’ written notice to FAF Ltd via  The monthly membership fee must still be paid up to and including the end of the notice period.  On expiration of such notice, FAF Ltd will no longer be under any obligation to provide services under the Membership Scheme and no further subscriptions will be payable; however payment will still be due for any other services (e.g. training courses) provided but not yet paid for. 



6.  Risk Assessments

The client is responsible for carrying out and complying with all necessary risk assessments associated with delivery of services by FAF Ltd at the client’s premises, unless expressly agreed to the contrary.  Such risk assessments must be made available to FAF Ltd at least 7 days prior to any work commencing, to ensure their provisions can be complied with.

7.  Disclaimer

FAF Ltd does not offer medical or nutritional advice and accepts no responsibility for misuse of any advice given.

FAF Ltd accepts no liability for any information or misinformation given by the client to their customers, suppliers or partners, for any actions of the client or its suppliers or partners, or for any adverse effects suffered by any third party as a result of such actions, information or misinformation. 


8.  Intellectual Property and Copyright

All material on FAF Ltd website is covered by copyright and intellectual property rights, and as such may not be copied, reproduced or used without express written permission from   FAF Ltd.

The Allergy Friends logo is made available to clients meeting the appropriate standards of allergen awareness and practice under licence, and may be used solely for the purposes of advertising the client’s status as an Allergy Friend.  If membership of the FAF Ltd Scheme is rescinded or withdrawn, use of the Allergy Friends logo must immediately cease.


9.  Privacy and Confidentiality

FAF Ltd collects the names, email addresses, IP addresses and other personal/business information for legitimate business purposes and to facilitate delivery of its services.  FAF Ltd will never share this information with any third party other than as required in the operation of its business.  Contact details are used only to update clients and former clients with regular news about developments connected with food allergies and the hospitality industry, and monitor responses, demographics and items of interest to those who have special dietary needs.  Clients can unsubscribe from such updates at any time.

Like most interactive web sites FAF Ltd’s website [or ISP] uses cookies to enable retrieval of user details for each visit. Cookies are used in some areas of the site to enable the functionality of this area and ease of use for those people visiting.  Some affiliate partners may also use cookies.

FAF Ltd is not responsible for the performance or content of websites linked from the FAF Ltd website.  The client is responsible for ensuring suitable protection from viruses and other malware while using the FAF Ltd website or clicking links provided on it.


10.  Complaints

Please direct any complaints to FAF Ltd will investigate all complaints thoroughly, and endeavour to resolve the matter within 28 days of the complaint being raised. ​

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