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How do food allergies affect my business?

It is a legal requirement to provide information about the ingredients used in your food business, especially the 14 identified allergens groups.
With food allergies rising year on year, your business could be losing a lot of business by not catering for the food allergic customer. 
When you cater well for those with special dietary requirements, they will become loyal customers, returning with their friends and families. They will also tell the world how wonderful you are. 

Why do I need to do food safety training?

Food businesses have a legal and moral responsibility to keep the food they produce and serve safe. 

It is a legal requirement to train your staff in food safety. 

Can I consult with an advisor?

Yes, you can book an appointment with our advisor.  Please see our courses and services page.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

All courses and services  must be paid in full when booking. 

You may take advantage of combined services, and become a Food Allergy Friend by joining the Membership Plan, please see the Membership Plan page.

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