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Food Allergy Friends Limited

Stella is the founder and Director of Food Allergy Friends Limited.
Since early childhood, Stella suffered adverse reactions to food, thankfully, none of them seriously life-threatening.
At the age of 15, Stella decided that she would train as a chef, in order to give her more control over what was in her food. 
After completing her training in hotelkeeping and catering at Brighton College of Technology (as it was then called) Stella worked in various hotels, hospitals, pubs, and restaurants. Over the years Stella also worked as Catering Manager at a children's day nursery, and was Stewardess of a social club. 
In 2005, Stella embarked on a course in Nutritional Therapy, in an effort to get to the root cause of her adverse reactions to food. 
Due to the reactions to various foods becoming increasingly worse, ending up with being unable to swallow even her own saliva on occasion, Stella realised that she would have to leave hospitality. Every day was another risk, it was getting to the point that the industry she loved might kill her. 
The next step was to train as a trainer, and get the qualifications needed to teach food safety and food allergen management for catering.
Thus, Food Allergy Friends Limited was born. 

Food Allergy Friends Limited is a registered Highfield Centre.

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